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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Saya nak share video ni. Bagi saya ia penyampaian yang sangat baik. Saya cukup terkesan sampai menangis. Sesungguhnya Islam itu indah dan lebih indah bila disampaikan dengan cara yang sangat Indah.
Credit untuk yang menghasilkan video ini. Hanya Allah yang layak memberi ganjarannya.

There is a powerful and amazing thing about tawbah (repentance) and turning back to Allah (swt). We are told that it is a polish for the heart. What’s amazing about a polish is that it doesn’t just clean. It makes the object that is polished even shinier than it was before it got dirty. If you come back to God, seek His forgiveness, and refocus your life and heart on Him, you have the potential to be even richer than if you’d never fallen at all. Sometimes falling and coming back up gives you wisdom and humility that you may never otherwise have had.


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