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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Semalam, Oyen sudah kembali kepada PenciptaNya.
It was a stray cat I found outside my shop some four years ago...
Sedih, but its better than to see him suffer...

In memory, Oyen yang selalu sakit sejak kecik

Minggu lepas... dia bergaduh sampai terpeleot telinga, luka sana- sini.
Risaukan dia kena lebih teruk... kami kurung dia.
He was okay ... everytime nak bagi dia makan., dia akan lari ke pintu, grab ikan dan makan jer...
but on Sunday, while bringing him his food, I sensed something wrong...
He was breathing up and down, a sign of shortness of breath.
I took him out, tried to get hold of him after that but he managed to escape and hid himself under my bother's car...
I was planning to take him to the clinic, tapi masa tu lah kawan2 mak mai melawat mak.
Sembang2 dengan kawan2 mak buat aku lupa tentang Oyen ( menyesal sampai hari ni)
By evening, he came out of his hiding place... Unfortunately, the clinic has already been closed,
lebih malang lagi, klinik tu tutup every Monday.
Tried to take Oyen for another doctor near Kak Ros's place...but, it was also closed...
His condition was getting worse by the afternoon,
 I can't help crying seeing him like that, tengok dia bernafas camtu buat aku sedih,
lepas tu kene pi keje pulak... aku tinggalkan dia 2:30 ptg, memang nampak teruk sangat... 
By the time Kak Mun balik keje dalam pukul 4,
 she found Oyen's body in front of my mom's room.

I love cats and like to hug and talk to them. I get worried easily if they feel sick and cry every time I lost them ( usually it was because they have gone missing or died due to sickness or accident). If I looked weird in other people's eyes... I don't mind! :)

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