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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last week, on Friday
We ( Kak Saedah, Kak Kasma & Marziati) headed for Kuala Lumpur.
We were supposed to check in at The Grand Dorset, Subang Jaya at 2PM...
for The MPS seminar and AGM at the nearby Holiday Villa
But reaching there 2 hours early and the stomach started singing starving song,
We diverted to Shah Alam... The SACC Mall.

Shah Alam is considered my second home,
Hairan! I didn't know that there are cafe that sell western food so delicious.
It's The Tea Pot Deli, located on the 3rd floor near the escalator.
 I love the layout, the interior design,
Mendamaikan dan sejuk mata memandang
Semua English, like having tea at a cottage...
Jom tengok gambar... 

With Kak Kasma n Kak Saedah

Cik Tie... dok fikir nak makan apa...


I ordered Lasagna.. not bad!

Fish Pie, ordered by another 2 friends... having hard time to finish both. Tapi very yummy delicious.

Another mouth watering local deli.... The Seri Muka.

Hmm... they have pies, puddings, local kueh, nasi tomato... dan banyak lagi.
Rasanyer, macam nak pi lagi... buat small gathering dengan family,
 dengan kengkawan juga.


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