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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dedicated to all gorgeous Georges....

This afternoon, feeling bored with nothing to do (boring giler...), I browsed through 'St George's Girls' School' Facebook and discovered that, there were so many photos of my old school being uploaded on that site. It really brings back memories of old days...when I first set my foot here, some 25 years back..I have no idea that this place will really mean so much to me.

Started my 'secondary' years here during the 80's, leaving behind my beloved family and my kampung at a very young age to stay in the hostel. Masa tu aku memang naif sesangat...macam rusa baru masuk kampung. I was very scared coz I don't know what's there in store for me at that time. Little did I know that here is where everything started, a small step in my life journey that leads me to where and who I am today...syukur Alhamdulillah....

This Clock Tower is a unique landmark of our school, coz...mana ada sekolah lain in Penang with a clock tower that high ( wonder! if there's anywhere else in Malaysia). During our time it used to be very dull...but now they had repainted it with red and white (our school colour). Teringat pula aktiviti hujung minggu hostellite, kadang2 memanjat tangga tower ni sampai atas...apart from that, tempat ni terkenal dengan rumor about its haunted story...

School Badge

Ni pulak our school badge...in the middle is an image of St.George riding a horse... this is another version of haunted story everybody likes to rumor about...selalu juga ditakutkan dengan cerita St George ni naik kuda kat tengah padang...bila malam2 ler, hee..tapi never encounter such 'historic' event pun and i don't think anybody has...Tapi rasanya, kat keliling badge tu kaler merah ler....

Kat bawah tu, motto sekolah dengan wording 'AUT VIAM INVANIAM AUT FACIAM' a latin language which means 'IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY'. During lower secondary, badgenyer cuma kain jer..tapi bila dah form 3 ke atas kalau tak silap dah ada pin-badge.

School Song

Seniors and juniors all gathered here,
Together we march on without a fear,
Goodwill and happiness we want to spread,
Everyday's a challenge let's go right ahead,

Onwards we move towards the light,
Resolved are we to face the fight,
Giving our best from day to day,
If there's a will, there's always a way,

Around the bends of life we'll have to turn,
Near and far fond thoughts will always burn,
St George's, St George's we'll ever proclaim,
Honour and uphold you forever praise your name,
St George's, St George's we'll always be true,
Our dear St George's Girls' School.

Photo2 sekolah

On the left, is where my class was during form 5 Science C (bukan pandai sangat pun...)
On the right is our school hall, where all the assembly and big examination such as SRP,SPM and STPM took place during my old days.

Sebelah kiri ni ialah our school gymnasium, apart from its main function as a training site for our gymnast ( of course...one of them is Ramnah Ramli ler...), we also used this as an exercise room (ujian kepantasan ke apa nama dia, selalu buat kat sini...aku dah lupa) and our PE spot during rainy days. To all hostel-lite, this place was once considered as a mini theater, coz once in a while (lost count of how many times a year), we got the chance to watch horror movie, screened here on one of the Sunday night...still remember all the Dracula's stories and not to forget 'Carie'..betul ker aku spell nie??? Yang funnynyer...setiap kali ada scene yang suspense dan menakutkan...maka pakat menjerit ler ramai2, especially teringat masa nak ending cerita Carie tu, ingatkan habis dah..tiba2 ada tangan keluar dari tanah.....gamat sungguh!

Yang sebelah kanan pulak...collections of Headmistresses photos and lists of Head girls name, from the start till recent...yang pasti semua pompuan ler.

Sejak 25 tahun tinggalkan sekolah till now, I've never set my foot there again, lots of reasons of course...and while browsing through the photos...tengok banyak sungguh perubahan..yer lah 25 tahun, kalau baru beranak..dah jadi anak dara...here are some changes which I managed to download from SGGS Facebook....jom layan.

Left: Kantin sekolah pun dah bertukar, teringat nasi Mat Ali, Makcik juai laksa (aku selalu oder...mee +bihun kuah laksa) , cekodok Bom...dan juga Maknya juai buah.
Right : Clock tower, photo captured from entrance of the school office.

Left : Used to be a place where small assembly took place everyday before school session start. Last time the floor was only cement..but now they have tiles all over.
Right : School Hall.

Left : Now they have nice main entrance and guard post...during our days, it was just a normal gate and wired fence.
Right : Yang nie kat mana aku tak tau...don't remember having this last time.

Left: Nostalgic place that used to be a home to hostel-lite....my old Dahlia room situated on 2nd floor of the 1st building...huhuhu...sedeynyer....when did they built a surau on the front side?
Right : SGGS dah ada school bus...but wonder why don't they painted it red and white????

Actually, there are so many photos, but I think this is just enough to bring back old memories to everybody.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose...and the past is never dead, it is not even past....


Watierman, rmanbkr said...

Akak dok harap juga kalau ada rezeki Reena ....kalau boleh nak juga ngantar dia ke sana bila naik Form 1 nanti....doakanlah...kalau boleh tu...at least dekat juga dengan Akak!

Packy @ Mawar Merah said...

Salam Kak Watie, Insyallah kita doakan yang terbaik untuk Reena. Kalau dekat rumah lagi best, tak homesick macam saya dulu2....sedih sangat bila ingat family....

tunbegia said...

sungguh nostalgia kanns,


Packy @ Mawar Merah said...

Salam Tun...thanks sudi jengok dan tinggalkan jejak kat sini. Apa2 yang namanya memori tu mmg nostalgia...susah nak lupa.

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