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Friday, April 16, 2010

POEM : My name is holy Quran.

Ada kawan emel poem ni untuk aku, aku publish kat sini untuk renungan bersama....jom layan.

Holy Qur’an is my name
I’m a book in elegant prints
To know my name here are some hints

Rich in cover and nicely bound
I am found in every muslims home
But, in hearts of muslims I’m rarely found

High on a shelf, I am kept
Forgotten there, I am left
Sometimes they put me on dirty places
To dispel ghost and Jinn as they said
And forgotten there I am left too

With respect I do get lots of kisses after reading
But, my main point is what they always miss
Neglecting the messages inside me
At times I am used for phony swear
My true use is very very rare

A miracle I am that can change the world
All one has to do is understand my word
So, you must read me, learnt me
Look what I must told to you.

I have law
I have wisdom
I have treasure
So much so there is no measure

I am your savior
I am your guide
I am from Allah, The Creator of The Universe
I was thought by Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h
And defended with tears and blood

Right from wrong is my fame
So, you must read me, learn me and told everyone the content of me
Because, Holy Qur’an is my name


Verse :1

Most blessed is the One who revealed the statute Book to His servant, so he can serve as a warner to the whole world.

Verse :2

The One whom belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He never had a son, nor does He has any partners in sovereignty. He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything.

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