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Monday, March 26, 2012


Aku jarang blogwalking. Once in a while jer. Thats why I just have few followers... in fact, blog ni, aku buat suka suki jer.

Sometimes, bila jenjalan kat blog orang, came across some that include emotions in their writings. It looks interesting and sometimes... funny. :) Especially when they use the 'laugh rolling on the floor' emotion. =)) Part gelak guling2 ni, aku suka.

Hmm... how do i go about. Rasa cam nak tambah emotions jugak. Kena tanya Mr Google for the answer. Godek2, jumpa website ni...

So, sesaper yang rasa nak tambah emotions, boleh ler follow instruction kat situ.

Kalau nak edit HTML tu, beware sikit! Kalau tersilap, habis u alls punyer blog.

1. Buat backup dulu. Or kalu ikut cara bodo... copy code asal, then paste it somewhere safe ( so u can retrieve back if something went wrong).

2. Copy link address given by CSTAT . Paste it accordingly.
Kalau old blogger interface... blogger dashboard > layout > edit HTML
Kalau new blogger interface... blogger dashboard > template > edit HTML

3. I copied and pasted my emotions link here:

4. Preview dulu untuk tengok hasilnya. Make sure page boleh load. Kalau tak, means something is wrong somewhere dengan HTML tu.

5. Jangan /blur, buat pelan2. I tried few times before succeded. Kalau confident, baru SAVE template, TAU!

Okay, Good Luck!

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