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Friday, March 2, 2012


Hmm... living in a house, sometimes we need to make over. Add some new furniture, paint new color and change to a new curtains. Same goes to a blog... I'm feeling rather boring looking at the same layout, background and header everyday. And decided that... its about time to change.

I was trying to make my own simple background, tried few times but failed. I was having trouble with  the actual size. It wont fit my blog at all...

My first attempt. 
Then tried again...

My second attemp
Tried and tried again. Tak betul jugak...when I added the url to my blog, it became like a lady wearing unfinished clothing ( hehe...pakai baju tak cukup kain)

Finally... I have to admit that, I'm not good enough. So I googled for a free background and found this blog, just click at the name below.

It offers so many awesome designs for your blog, just pick a suitable one... like mine. Its like having my own garden outside the house. Cantik tak?

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